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Below is an overview of Fundación Monge and its programs. For any questions and more information, please e-mail:


We are a private non-profit organization in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, engaged in promoting access to education among young people in Central America as a tool to fight poverty, promote social mobility, and encourage personal growth.


We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals in administration, communication, education, psychology, social work, counseling, design, and program and project management and evaluation, supporting beneficiary students with coaching, tools and trainings to make our mission and vision a legacy of good deeds, with a positive impact on their lives and the lives of their families. 

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Young people benefited from leadership and employability program

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Young people from Costa Rica and Nicaragua, 2022 Generation

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Women entrepreneurs trained


Fundación Monge is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, a contributor to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and a contributor to the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) and Ministry of Science, Innovation, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) in Costa Rica.

For this reason, our organization has focused its efforts on making a strategic contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Global Compact principles, mainly working to achieve the following goals as a private non-profit business organization and the philanthropic arm of Grupo Monge, promoting social mobility for vulnerable people in Central America.

This is done through quality education programs, training for personal leadership and employability of women and young people in the region.


In order to contribute to the development strategy for the Government of Costa Rica and meet the demand of the private sector in training the workforce, we train human talent for 21st century jobs (4th Industrial Revolution) through these initiatives:


Student Profile

Business Strengthening Program: We are promoting the inclusion of women in business, especially those who have been denied access to training, digital literacy and entrepreneurship for whatever reason. Through our Smart Community Hub and with the support of mission partners, we delivered the course Herramientas para la Innovación y Emprendimiento: Construyendo mi Negocio desde 0 [“Tools for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Starting My Business from Scratch”] and equipped women with resources and tools to achieve their goals as entrepreneurs, such as: reviewing their business models, implementing their entrepreneurship, and making a positive impact on their sales growth and business insight.



Fundación Monge is a Costa Rican non-profit family-owned business funded by a share of annual earnings of Grupo Monge. Being a registered NGO, it gained the legal status to receive funds as social enterprise. All income from the sale of services is invested to expand and scale up its mission across Costa Rica and the region.



These can be delivered and custom-made as required.

Design and implementation of trainings on life skills and 21st century jobs: social, emotional and cognitive skills / entrepreneurship and networking (on-site, dual and on-line) – Geekonia course

Design and implementation of events for education, entrepreneurship and networking processes (on-site, dual and on-line)
Design and implementation of bootcamps (on-site, dual and on-line)

Design and implementation of hackathons, thinkathons and other tech events (on-site, dual and on-line)
Design and implementation of projects, programs and activities to promote STEAM education.

Training on STEAM education and counselling for teachers
Support to and follow-up on beneficiaries of development projects and programs

Monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programs

Development of impact reports, case studies and financial reports for development projects and programs
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Mario Fung Lung

National Counselling Advisor, Ministry of Public Education

“Our partnership with Fundación Monge is a milestone for many students. SOY CAMBIO Program has provided them with tutoring/mentoring, camping and training on 21st century skills through high-tech teaching tools such as Geekonia. This has been and will be very useful for students across the country.”


Patricia Chaves

Senior Sustainable Development United Nations Officer

Fundación Monge has an invaluable impact by giving vulnerable young people the opportunity to acquire basic skills to improve their lives. Putting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their material shows the vision to provide young people with a global overview and an intervention model that can be replicated around the world.”


Mynor Hernández

Soy Cambio Alumni-IADB Engineer & Al Consultant (EY)

“At Fundación Monge – besides finding a family and a strong support system –, I managed to develop a broad portfolio of skills and knowledge that have helped me personally and professionally to this day. From English, conflict management and resolution, emotional intelligence to how to innovate in my work, all of this has contributed to my education, together with great people and professionals who have stood with me along the way.”