The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the commitment of countries worldwide to deal with and resolve the main problems afflicting Humanity in the XXI Century.

The 17 objectives of the SDGs represent the path intended for countries to follow in a constant fashion, by continuously coordinating and communicating with the UN system, the private sector, the organized civil society and international organizations.

The Fundación Monge commitment is to promote, become an ally and conduct actions leading to the attainment of the SDGs, by contributing our knowledge, resources and talent in coordination with each of the social, political and economic stakeholders of the Latin American region.

With the knowledge that the attainment of the SDGs is a global responsibility, our organization has focused its efforts on strategically contributing to the execution of the following Sustainable Development Goals:

ons-acco-ico-1Objective 1: Ending Poverty

By implementing our Soy Cambio program, the organization aims at extending contributions in order for 5,000 Central American families to overcome extreme poverty by the year 2030.

ons-acco-ico-2Objective 4: High-Quality Education

Our mission and efforts point towards creating greater and better education opportunities for young Central Americans, with the objective of them successfully completing their high school studies, set their sights on a technical career and later venture into the job market. By 2017, we intend to benefit over 1,600 teenagers from the region.

ons-acco-ico-3Objective 5: Gender Equality

Through our Soy Cambio Science & Technology generation we encourage the presence of more women in areas linked to Science & Technology. Additionally, during our work sessions we discuss the construction of a new masculinity with the Soy Cambio students.

ons-acco-ico-4Objective 8: Decent Work Conditions and Economic Growth

Our ultimate goal is for the students who have completed our program to successfully enter a competitive labor market – a market that allows them to continue growing professionally. To accomplish this, we are working hand in hand with the private sector and national entities to encourage their access to positions linked with the Knowledge Society.

ons-acco-ico-5Objective 13: Climate Change Actions

With the support of several entities, we have created the Soy Cambio – CLIMATE CHANGE Generation. This initiative has led us to set our sights on the benefitted students as agents of Change in their own lives, families, education centers and communities.

ons-acco-ico-6Objective 17: Alliances to Achieve Objectives

Well aware of our scope, limitations and possibilities to strengthen our actions, we work on a continuous basis with Governments, Ministries of Education, Regional Banks, international entities, the private sector and the organized civil society so as to continuously develop our Soy Cambio program in each of the countries where the Fundación Monge operates.

The United Nations Global Compact emerges with the purpose of promoting Corporate Social Responsibility with the adoption and implementation of 10 principles linked to human rights, labor, the environment and the fight against corruption.

The Fundación Monge commitment when adhering voluntarily to the Global Compact involves creating a work model consistent with the UN Compact’s 10 guiding principles; additionally, this motivates our suppliers and strategic allies to join this international initiative.

Some of the main actions developed by us in order to comply with our global commitment are detailed below:

ons-acco-ico-7Our Human Rights Policy

The Fundación Monge respects and promotes Universal Human Rights in each of the countries and territories it develops its social activities. This includes absolute compliance to national and international Human Rights laws, as well as an active role in searching for new approaches to establish social, economic and environmental relationships in ways that will not affect in a negative fashion the human rights of our beneficiaries, employees, allies and donating parties.

This commitment comes from our conviction that respecting human rights means more than preventing the negative consequences arising from our actions as a Foundation. It also derives from the essential need to act as leaders and promoters of practices that will contribute to the efforts made by the organized social society, and the local and national governments concerning human rights.

As representatives, contributors, suppliers and consumers, we understand that due diligence is the first step towards defending and guaranteeing Human Rights. Consequently, we have decided to establish the necessary instruments in order to constantly evaluate our work as a social entity and to assign the required resources to prevent, mitigate and solve any negative impact (real or potential) arising from our social activity within the society.

Additionally, we are dedicated to openly and fully disclose the results of our efforts – as well as the challenges of our daily work – on a timely and periodic basis. We are aware of the need to submit our work to public scrutiny and to have an open and permanent line of communication with our partners and citizens.

ons-acco-ico-8Bandera Azul (Blue Flag, Costa Rica)

We are adapting our operations to achieve certification as an Environmentally-friendly organization; moreover, we continue working on strategies to become Carbon Neutral in coming years.


By implementing conduct policies and codes, we motivate our suppliers to respect labor laws, protect the environment and ensure that no child labor is being used as part of the development of their business cycles.